Who are VSW

Who are VSW

Volunteer South West has been operating successfully in the Greater South West Region for 20 years, commencing in 1996. We provide a volunteer referral service for not-for-profit organisations in our region. Our aim is to match individuals wanting to volunteer with accommodating agencies.

Registration, which is free, is required of the individual, and includes an informal interview with our friendly staff, who themselves are also volunteers. During the interview process they will assist you to identify the best options for your volunteering experience.

Volunteering positions come in all shapes and sizes with many types of positions available to suit your needs, skills and time available. Come in at your leisure to see our volunteer staff between 9.30am and 2pm Monday – Friday for your interview – no appointments necessary. We look forward to assisting you to find the right position that reflects your passions, skills and expectations.

Volunteer positions can be found in a variety of sectors including
Aged Care, Family Support, IT, Respite Care, Education, Mentoring, Conservation, Community Services, Youth Work, Health, Clerical, Retail, Administration, Driving, Handyman Jobs, Sport and Recreation and Events to name a few.

VSW Vision & Values:
Vision: To value volunteering as a suitable social, cultural and economic activity.
Mission: To promote and support volunteer effort through recruitment, retention, education and training opportunities. Connecting people to communities.