Programs for Volunteers

‘B2V’:  Bridge to Volunteering

Bridge to Volunteering (B2V) is an information workshop for people new to volunteering, or those interested in learning more – with no obligation.
Run on the first Tuesday of each month from 10am to 11.30am, this session will help prepare you for volunteering and provide a basic understanding of the obligations and rights you have as a volunteer.  Please contact VSW to register for the next B2V session.

Enhancing Access Program (which includes Enhancing Access for Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Groups)

The Enhancing Access Program  (EA) is a volunteer program run for people with barriers to volunteering or for those who feel they need a more gentle introduction to volunteering.  This includes people with disabilities, people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background and anyone who is a bit apprehensive about volunteering.  Terri Kowal, our Training and Projects Officer, works with participants and organisations to experience volunteering in a supported manner.  Many previous participants are now actively engaged in volunteering in the community. For more information contact us.

‘VAST’  Volunteer Active Support Training

Volunteer South West’s VAST training provides free and low cost training to volunteers and staff of Not for Profit organisations across the South West.  VSW recognises the value in travelling to rural and regional areas to deliver workshops and training, which allows volunteers to access relevant information with a local flavor. To find out more about our training opportunities, contact Terri Kowal, our Training and Projects Officer on 9791 3214 or by email.