Volunteer Support & Referral

Volunteer Support & Referral

Our application process for volunteering

  • Fill out our volunteer application form
  • Have a chat with our friendly staff who will assist you in choosing a position you will enjoy
  • We will let you know if the position you are interested in requires any special licenses or training
  • We will refer you to the Volunteer Coordinator at the agency you wish to volunteer for
  • Volunteer South West staff will offer ongoing support to ensure you are comfortable and happy in your volunteer role.

Become a Volunteer

B2V- Bridge to Volunteering Community Education Session

Volunteer South West also offers FREE community education sessions for anyone who is interested in finding out a bit more about volunteering and local positions- with no obligation.  Please contact us if you would like to come along to our next B2V -Bridge to Volunteering session.  Everyone is welcome!