Coordinator – Shamara Williams

Shamara Williams loves to collaborate and partner with other organisations to make a vision a reality. She is keen to connect with volunteer involving organisations to ensure that we are assisting in the way you want us to.

Shamara worked at VSW from 2013 – 2016 and before she returned in 2019 she was able to build on her volunteer experiences and is excited to be working in all things volunteering again. Along with Shamara’s management role in Volunteer South West, she also delivers presentations that are requested and assists with the delivery of training workshops to volunteer managers, volunteers and the general public.

To contact Shamara to discuss  membership, volunteering, training and presentation requirements ring (08) 9791 3214 or contact her by email 

Training and Project Officer – Terri Kowal

Terri Kowal is VSW’s Training and Project Officer. She comes from a strong volunteering and training background and is keen to connect with volunteer involving organisations in the region, to ensure that we are delivering the training and services that meet your needs. She will also be overseeing the Enhancing Access program which gently introduces people with barriers to volunteering.

Terri can be contacted by email or by phoning 9791 3214.

 Our Volunteers:


Our volunteers interview people interested in volunteering and assist them to find a position that matches their skills and hobbies ensuring satisfaction. They also assist staff with administration tasks and help at expos and events. We value and appreciate our volunteers and recognise the range of skills and experience they bring to our organisation.