Resources & Links

Resources & Links


These templates have been created with funding from the Department of Social Services and are provided to support you in your volunteer management activity.

Please feel free to use any that are relevant to your organisation.


These are the links that we love.

Volunteering Australia

This national organisation aims to promote volunteering as a valuable and important part of Australian society. The website highlights what they do including policy building, training for important stakeholders and research, also providing an accessible way to become a volunteer through linking people to volunteering agencies around Australia.

Volunteering WA

This website provides information on Volunteering WA which aims to support communities through enhancing, promoting and providing volunteering in WA.

Bank of I.D.E.A.S.

The Bank of I.D.E.A.S. works with communities to improve their strategies and policies on economic and community development. Its website provides access to and information about its resources, photos and services.  It also has a great ‘copyleft’ policy for using the sites resources and info!


The Grantready website supplies information on accessing grants, rebates, concessions and philanthropic funding. They have many different services including; assistance with how to write grants, finding a suitable grant, support and holding various workshops.  The ‘GrantGuru’ page associated with this site provides an easy way to search for appropriate funding in your sector.

Our Community

This website provides information for communities, individuals and businesses, offering services and resources, in order to strengthen the community sector.

RRR Network

Connecting rural, regional and remote women through providing a mechanism of sharing information relevant to the development of women and communities in RRR WA, the network aims to recognise, promote and expand the contribution women make to their communities.  The website provides information, news, info on grants, a calendar of events and a forum plus more!