Newsletter February 2014

newsletter Feb 14   February 2014 Newsletter

From the manager
Happy New Year all!
It is February already and things are beginning to gather speed.
The VSW Board of Management, staff and volunteers have been working on our Strategic Plan to set our direction for coming years. This document will guide program development and set our vision to:
‘Value volunteering as a sustainable social, cultural and economic activity.’
Our mission: ‘Promote and support volunteer effort through recruitment, retention, education and training opportunities. Connecting people to communities.’
I invite you to take part in the initiatives we offer in the Greater Bunbury Region and beyond to enhance volunteering in your community. We offer a training calendar with plans to expand to a wider audience, and also our website providing a vast amount of information. VSW supports volunteers and agencies, Enhancing Access for people with barriers to volunteering, Smart Events for events volunteering; and our volunteer referral service provided by dedicated volunteers who are in our office to help you. Please call in.