How you can participate

How you can participate

A corporate volunteering project may involve a short-term or ongoing commitment from staff. It can be organised in response to unexpected community need, as a result of a long-term partnership, or as a one-off request from a community organisation.

Volunteer work can be undertaken as an individual or in a team. Employees can choose to use their business skills or pick non-skilled tasks. Many teams prefer an outdoor to an indoor activity or opt to volunteer in work hours rather than out of hours. Some highly successful employee volunteering activities take place at the weekend when family and friends can also participate.

The range of volunteering activities is wide and varied, yet dependent on what is available at the time. They can include:

• teaching office and computer skills
• doing a ‘makeover’ of a local kids’ playground
• joining a management committee
• helping create a sensory garden or cleaning up the local beach or river
• staffing a soup kitchen or assisting with community meals
• setting up a website for a local community group or helping network its computers
• mentoring
• selling fundraising badges, helping marshal at a fundraising fun run or answering calls for a telethon
• developing databases, roster systems or policy and procedure manuals.

For  more information regarding corporate volunteering opportunities, please contact us.