How we support Member Organisations

How we support Member Organisations

Volunteer South West (VSW) supports organisations by:

Promoting all member organisations volunteer positions. All positions listed with VSW are advertised and promoted to prospective volunteers. VSW are also active in placing information in the media about these positions.

Referring volunteers. VSW provides an initial screening and referral service for prospective volunteers in the region. We will interview the interested person then make a referral to your volunteer coordinator.

Providing resources and volunteer management information and templates. When your organisation joins as a member you will have access to our agency support pack which provides information and templates to support organisation volunteer management programs. Volunteer South West also has a variety of resources and power points available on this site to download.

We are contactable by phone five days per week. We are available by phone, for any queries or concerns. If you would prefer to talk to us directly or would rather not use the forum if the subject is sensitive.

VSW can provide training to your staff and volunteers. VSW Staff can also provide training and workshops relevant to the community sector and your volunteers and staff. Please contact VSW regarding cost, availability and content!

Please give us a call on 9791 3214 or email us.

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