Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

What is meant by Corporate or Business Sharing?

In today’s global business environment, the philosophy driving corporate or business social responsibility is based on the belief that the social, as well as the economic, wellbeing of society is fundamental to business competitiveness and ultimately, business success.

Companies throughout the world are increasingly promoting the ideal of corporate social responsibility. Such companies share the belief that business has a significant role to play in addressing global poverty, social inequity and environmental concerns. In partnership with government and non-government organisations, these companies engage with their communities in order to build stronger, healthier societies.

Corporate or Business social responsibility involves much more than writing cheques. In combination with financial support, companies are offering the use of business premises and facilities, providing management and technical expertise, donating gifts in kind (including company products) and sharing company networks.

Many businesses and community organisations enter into partnerships to achieve a social outcome.

One of the most effective forms of corporate social responsibility is corporate or employee volunteering.

What is Corporate/Business volunteering?

Corporate/Business, or employee volunteering, is one way in which businesses can fulfil their social responsibility.

Companies which engage in corporate volunteering actively support and encourage their employees to volunteer their services to a local community organisation. Steadily growing in popularity since the 1990s, corporate volunteering involves the contribution of time, talent, energy, skills and resources by the company’s workforce.

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