Benefits for Business – Corporate Volunteering

Benefits for Business – Corporate Volunteering

Companies which run corporate volunteering programs can attest to the many advantages for their businesses.
There are six commonly recognised benefits for business. These include reputation and risk management, employee satisfaction, innovation, access to capital and financial performance and may manifest themselves in the following ways:

• increased company pride and loyalty by staff
• better employee attendance, recruitment and retention
• improved staff morale, motivation, team spirit and initiative
• enhanced workplace relationships – unique opportunities for staff to work with people from different areas and levels of their organisation
• new skill development opportunities for staff
• a more positive corporate image
• heightened and positive recognition by customers and consumers
• new business opportunities
• transformed relationship between the company and the local community
• improved triple bottom line.

Benefits for employees
Encouraging staff involvement in a well-structured and supported corporate volunteer program has wide-ranging benefits for the employees involved.

These include:
• a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfilment
• new learning experiences outside normal job parameters
• new and more positive perception of career, workplace, peers and management team
• unique opportunities to interact with people from other areas within the company thus improving communication and teamwork
• opportunities to meet new people and explore new situations and challenges
• providing opportunities to create pathways to community involvement for employees reaching retirement age.

Benefits to the community
Corporate volunteering programs that can respond to the needs of the community within which they operate have real and practical benefits on a number of important levels.

These include:
• transferring skills, knowledge and technical expertise into the community
• providing access to teams of volunteers for major tasks
• improving understanding between the business and voluntary sectors
• providing access to free or subsidised resources
• increasing public awareness of community issues
• changing company behaviours and practices that create social, economic or environmental problems
• creating new income streams for community projects.

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