Organisation Rights and Code of Practice

Organisation Rights and Code of Practice

Organisations RIGHTS

  • To interview/screen and check all applicants as per organisational policies and procedures.
  • To say NO to the volunteer if they are not suitable for the position.
  • Select the best volunteer for the job.
  • Expect volunteers to adhere to their Job Descriptions.
  • Offer volunteers training and support in their roles.
  • Ask that the volunteer is loyal to their organisation.
  • Encourage clear and open communications from the volunteer.
  • Negotiate work assignments with their volunteers.
  • Evaluate volunteers on a regular basis.
  • Agencies, as well as volunteers, also have rights and responsibilities.


To promote excellence in service and maximise the quality of volunteers’ experience, an organisation will:

  • Empower volunteers to meet their own and agency needs.
  • Offer volunteers work opportunities appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations.
  • Provide volunteers with clear duty statements and orientation to their work and the agency.
  • Offer training and support for volunteers to achieve goals.
  • Implement procedures to ensure volunteer safety and well-being.
  • Offer reimbursement or other compensation to cover out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Recognise volunteers as valued team members, with opportunities to participate in relevant agency decisions.
  • Provide mechanisms to acknowledge the value of contributions made by volunteers.

(This CODE OF PRACTICE was developed by E Kingsley and B Tomlins for the South East Community Development Council, in conjunction with the Volunteer Centre of WA and the Lotteries Commission of WA 1992.)