Volunteering – an Introduction

Many vital community services rely extensively on the tireless efforts of volunteers. Volunteers come from all sections of the community – a willingness to help is not dependent on race, gender, religion or personal interests. The range of services available in our community would be less without the tireless dedication of volunteers.

Volunteering is of great benefit  to the volunteer. The rewards are not financial but can be measured in a sense of satisfaction and contentment in helping their own community.

People volunteer for many reasons:

  • Some enjoy the interaction with other volunteers; or
  • Some want to maintain or gain new skills;
  • Some increase their confidence and meet new people;
  • Some develop a network of contacts and
  • Some enhance their job-readiness.

Volunteering promotes a feeling of satisfaction from helping others and is undertaken freely.

The Volunteer South West will assist those hoping to enter the world of volunteering and will help community groups in need of volunteers.

What skills or hobbies do you have that you could use in volunteering?