VSW Manager/Administration – Debra McIlraith

Debra (Deb) started with Volunteer South West (VSW) in July of 2016.  Along with Deb’s Management role she also delivers various workshops, training and presentations providing information to new volunteers. The Enhancing Access Program (EA) gently introduces people with barriers to volunteering. Another program is Take2 that gives opportunity for a person with a disability to volunteer in an organisation alongside a mentor.  The MOVE (Multicultural Opportunities through a Volunteering Opportunity) program matches volunteers from a culturally and linguistically diverse background to an agency where they can develop and practice various employability skills whilst learning about an Australian workplace. She also presents the Bridge to Volunteering Introduction, Grant Writing 101 and several other information sessions.

To contact Debra to discuss  membership, volunteering, training and presentation requirements ring (08) 9791 3214 or contact her by  email 

 Our Volunteers:

Amanda, Carissa, Jeanette, Jenny, Robyn and Victoria assist staff with administration and interview our clients. They assist new volunteers to find a position that matches their skills and hobbies ensuring satisfaction.