Agency Support

Volunteer South West supports volunteer involving organisations (VIO) and Volunteer Coordinators who utilise volunteer support through various programs and training.  We are also available to offer assistance through sharing information, a coffee and a chat!

Volunteer Coordinators Network Gathering

Volunteer South West organises a gathering for people who coordinate and manage volunteers in their agencies.  This involves a breakfast meeting which is held quarterly. You will find good company, information sharing, networking and an exciting guest speaker. Interested?   Please contact Debra McIlraith or phone 9791 3214 to let us know if you are interested in attending.

Volunteer Active Support Training (VAST Training)

Volunteer South West runs a training program to help support volunteers in their roles through offering low cost and/ free training opportunities for volunteer managers across the region.  Previously we have offered training in event management, volunteer management, roles and responsibilities of board/committee members, first aid, auditing and minute taking. We are happy to discuss bringing this VAST Program to you. Please contact Debra McIlraith  or phone on 9791 3214 to discuss further.

Referring clients from Job Networks

VSW can also assist your clients and support them into volunteering roles.  If you would like to refer a client to us please use the Voluntary Work Referral form, to send with your client when they register with us.  Please contact Volunteer South West regarding any fees for this service.