Welcome to Volunteer South West

Volunteer South West provides a volunteer referral service for not-for-profit organisations in the South West region. We link individuals wanting to volunteer with accommodating agencies within the interest area of the volunteer. Registration, which is free, is required of the individual, and includes an interview with our friendly staff – who will help identify the best options for your volunteering experience.

There are many types of volunteering positions available – to suit your needs, skills and time availability! Feel free to peruse our volunteering positions to find one to suit you. Volunteer South West lists volunteer positions on both Volunteering WA’s Viktor database, and also through GoVolunteer an initiative of Volunteering Australia. Volunteer South West’s volunteer referral officer’s are available each weekday between 9.30am and 2pm for interviews- with no appointment necessary.

Come in at your leisure! Volunteering positions can be found in the following areas: Aged care, Family Support, Respite care, Mentoring, Conservation, IT, Youth Work, Community service, Health, Clerical, Customer service, Driving, Environment, Sport and recreation and more! Click here to find a Volunteer Role.